Frequently Asked Questions

Recipes and Ingredients

How Long Does Each Recipe Take to Cook?

Our recipes usually take between 30-45 minutes with prep and cook times on our recipe cards. It’s easy as.

What Food Items do I Need to Have to Make Each Meal?

Each Tuesday before your delivery is due you’ll get an email from us letting you know what your dinners are for the upcoming week. It will also contain a list of pantry staples which are items that we don’t supply and that you are required to have to make each meal. Pantry staples are ingredients like oil, butter, salt, pepper, milk etc.

Will I Always Receive New Recipes?

Our recipes change every season so you get the freshest produce and best bargains at the time. Most of the time you’ll get new and exciting recipes every week. But if there’s a recipe you loved, be sure to rate it highly on our website – if you’re lucky, it might just pop up again later in the season.

Where Do the Bargain Box Produce and Ingredients Come From?

Your Bargain Box will always have the best value meat and fresh produce, as our quality ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally whenever possible.

Can I Choose Which Meals I Receive Each Week?

Bargain Box takes the hassle out of having to decide what to eat each night for dinner. Our recipes meet a wide variety of taste buds. Because the meals are planned ahead of time, we can’t customise each Bargain Box.

What Type of Food Can I Typically Expect in a Bargain Box Delivery?

Bargain Box’s kitchen team have created meals that include plenty of veggies, easy-to-follow instructions and flavours the whole family will love. We provide a variety of proteins but you’ll typically get at least one beef meal and one chicken meal each week. You‘ll get all of the ingredients you need to cook our delicious recipes minus a few basics like butter, salt, sugar, milk etc.

How Long Will the Ingredients in my Bargain Box Last?

Since our food is always sourced, packed and delivered fresh each week, it has a good shelf life. While our meals can be frozen, we recommend following our suggested dinner schedule to ensure the freshest meals possible. We also include best before dates for all of our main ingredients.

Orders and Account Details

How Do I Place an Order?

You can place an order by clicking on "Bargain Boxes" on the Bargain Box website. Select whether you want a Regular Bargain Box which feeds four or a Mega Bargain Box which feeds six, or a Mini Bargain Box which feeds 2, as well as whether you want recipes and ingredients for 3 or 5 meals.

What Happens if I am Going Away or on Holiday and Want to Pause My Delivery?

No worries. If you are heading away on holiday you are able to skip or stop your deliveries, which you can do by logging in to your Bargain Box account. You just click on the ‘Skip Delivery’ button and follow the instructions from there. You just have to remember that you need to skip any delivery by Monday at midnight for the up-coming weekend before your order is locked in. Otherwise, feel free to contact our Bargain Box team to help you with this on 0800 BARGAIN or [email protected]

I Just Want to Try Bargain Box. Can I Order a One-Off Delivery?

Once you have signed up for Bargain Box, you can login to your Bargain Box account on the website and pause or cancel your order. If you only want one delivery, make sure that you pause or cancel the order for the following week by midnight on Monday as all orders are locked in for the next week at that time. Otherwise, feel free to contact our Bargain Box team to help you with this on 0800 BARGAIN or [email protected]


Where Do You Deliver To?

We currently deliver to Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Rotorua, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Blenheim, Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru, Dunedin, Mosgiel, Queenstown and Invercargill areas. There are a few suburbs in these regions that we might not deliver to. Simply complete our short order form online to find out if we can deliver right to your door.

We have also opened additional regional areas which means we can deliver to even more of New Zealand (excluding RD addresses). These deliveries will happen between 7am and 5pm on Monday's.

You Don't Delivery to My Suburb or City, What Can I Do?

Good news is that we are always expanding our delivery zone, so get in touch with us for more information, or to register your interest for a particular area, so that we can let you know as soon as we do start delivering there.

What Happens if I'm Not Home When My Delivery Arrives?

If you’re not home when we deliver, our driver will follow your delivery instructions or will leave your Food Bags in a secure location away from the elements to keep it safe. Be sure to pop your ingredients in the fridge as soon as you get home and be aware that we can take no responsibility for your Food Bag after it has been delivered.

If I am Not Home When You Delivery, and the Produce Detriorates on My Doorstep, Will You Refund or Replace My Bargain Box?

No, it is your responsibility to be home when we deliver. You will receive a txt once your Bargain Box has been dropped off, so you can race home to pop it inside.

What Happens if I Want to Change My Address or Delivery Timeslot?

No worries! You can update your details by logging in to your account and changing the details for your delivery. You just have to make sure that any changes are by Wednesday at 10:00 pm for the up-coming weekend. Please note: with our regional service you will only have the one 7am-5pm timeslot.

What Days Do You Deliver?

Our delivery days are Sunday or Monday depending on your location. Our main delivery day is a Sunday afternoon and evening, however for some suburbs in Auckland and Wellington we are able to offer a Monday afternoon. With our regional service, we deliver on Mondays between 7am-5pm. Please note: with our regional service, we will not be able to delivery on Public Holidays at this stage. We also won't be able to deliver My Christmas Bag.

What is This Woolly Stuff Around My Chilled Ingredients?

It's Woolcool! Woolcool is a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material that is made out of sheep’s wool. Be sure to leave your Woolcool out for your delivery driver to collect when you get your next box and we’ll recycle it. For those of you on our regional service, we are unable to collect your Woolcool at this stage, but it is 100% compostable, simply remove the protective outer layer and pop it on your compost.

Feedback and Customer Enquiries

How Can I Contact the Bargain Box Team?

Our Bargain Box team are available: Monday-Thursday 8.00am - 8.00pm Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Sunday 1:00pm – 10:00pm

0800 BARGAIN [email protected]

Something Isn't Quite Right With My Delivery. What Can I Do?

While we do our absolute best to get everything right, if there is something that isn’t quite right you can call, email or webchat us (on the Bargain Box website) and one of the Bargain Box team will get back to you within 24hrs.